8/24/08 Alleycat Results

We had a race today. I tried to make it brutal on ya'll, but those who showed up came to play.

The kids hung out in the shade to figure out their manifests

Once they had the manifests ironed out, I had them set their bikes on the other side of the tennis court for a good 'ole fashioned Le Mans start

Here's some video of the start of today's race.

The top ten finishers are as follows.

First: Holly (I was gonna have a women's and men's divisions...but the chicks beat the dudes, so I just gave her all around champion)

Second: William (defending champion from last race)

Third: Tom

Fourth: Alex (also the only person to punch me after the race was over, I'll see you at polo)

Fifth: Sten

Sixth: Ryan (fresh from a long day of pot throwing)

Seventh: April

Eighth: Paul

Ninth: Rando (on a freshly rebuilt Gitane, beautiful)

Tenth: Adam

Here's a shot of our winner.

See you next time.

Here's the rest of the pictures.



samh said...

I guess I was there in spirit. The antlers I hung up outside the Kitchen were apparently part of the race. w00t!

Singletrack Mind said...

I figured that was your doing. I had to include our humble little bike shop somehow. Well, aside from most of the stops having day-glow orange painted bike parts stolen from parts bins, hung with chain scrounged from the box 'o chain. We're gonna have another race in October, you should try to make it for that one, all ya'll should.

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