Polo Happenings

Last night we had our best night of polo this year (that I attended). Eighteen showed up to knock a ball around while riding bikes. At least six guys were total noobs. We had a few awesome games of polo where no body nor bike got seriously damaged, we didn't get rained on, and nobody caled the cops on us. Things, generally, are good.
We're implementing a few changes, though. Here they are, bulleted for your convenience:
  • Games start at 7:00 next week. It's getting too dark too early to start any later. I know we operate on "bike time" but I want to to play a bunch of games and get good and tired and I know that most of you do too. So let's get there at 7.
  • There's been requests to take polo up a notch. We'll be forming teams and having something resembling (but not quite like) league play. Basically I really want to get some heated rivalries going AND I want an excuse to have a Day of Polo in the fall with beer on tap and a DJ, and we're not going to have that happen with a buncha pickup games. SO, get three people, come up with a smart/funny/witty/ironic/intentionally lame name for your team, maybe make some shirts, and bring it strong.
  • Yous guys need to stat making your own mallets. Some have, but more need to. I've been bringing eight or so, and I'll continue maintaining and bringing that many but I'm not going to keep spending a bunch of time maintaining mallets. Suck it long, and suck it hard.
  • I ride around town a lot. at least half of the people I see riding are women. But I see no women at polo! If you know some wimminfolk who ride, coerce them into coming out on Wednesdays. It'll be fun. Honest.
  • That's it. We'll have an alleycat soon. Really.
Thanks to everyone who came out tonight. That was some fun.



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