Bozeman Transportation Plan

Yes, I realize this is kind of boring, but it's also something all of you should be interested in. I got the following email tonight from the Bozeman Area Bicycle Advisory Board (yes, BABAB).

The moment has finally arrived when we can now take a look at the progress made towards updating our “Bozeman Area Transportation Plan”. As you may already be aware, a substantial effort has been made over the past year to incorporate bicycling and walking needs into every aspect of this update to the master plan for our future transportation system. There are MANY exciting developments as a result of including bike/ped data and analysis! Please join us in attending the FINAL “Public Informational Meeting” to be held on Wednesday, August 20th – 6:30 p.m. (Bozeman High School Cafeteria). This is sure to be a great opportunity to express any ideas or suggestions before we move into the ‘final’ document which will ultimately be adopted by both the City & County Commissions this Fall. Please help spread the word about this important meeting – and hope to see you all there. Thanks again for your support as we look forward to a more bike-able and walk-able community!

See you there.



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