Anyone who knows me knows that while I love bikes and ride bikes daily, I still really like cars. However, I'm not a fan of this whole bailout thing, and while I won't get into it here, I will put this up:
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samh said...

Wow, this the third bike blog I've seen this posted on. Good stuff though.

WynnMan said...

check out this cool bike concept.

Stevo Kinevo said...

I just read that Chrysler plans to beat Chevy's electric Volt with none other than: an electric Jeep Wrangler! Now I'm sure they could find another existing model to adapt to electric that might be a bit more aerodynamic than what's likely the least aerodynamic model they currently produce. Don't get me wrong, I do Love Jeeps & I think the wrangler is the only decent looking model they make, but really!? I don't own a Jeep any longer for a reason. I could make it to Billings on a single charge, or I could make it to Livingston with a headwind. And we are trying to encourage this backward thinking with a bailout package, brilliant.

WynnMan said...

yo sam, here is my buddy's site who brews some great home grog. Lives in madison, went to college together, you know the story. Anyways, he's coming up to visit his folks here for the holidays and bringing some of his new batch which he so kindly named after my choice. SHACKLETON! This shit has a great nose, a high gravity and sure to be a taste pleaser.

some images of his hops and his pumpkin ale he made last month

samh said...

Electric cars and beer. Yum.

Singletrack Mind said...

Sam brought up a great point the other night regarding "alternative" automobiles in general. No matter how alternatively you fuel the auto industry, the "car" will never be efficient. People who are interested in sustainability look at alternative fuels and go "ok, that's a good idea" (at least I myself am naive enough to have done that) when in reality it's a terrible idea to spend billions of dollars to make inefficient cars (and I mean all cars) move through space.

Stevo Kinevo said...

And like an electric car is really any better anyways - It might be better than is dinosaur bone burning counterpart on the environment during it's life, but it's more of a hazard once it's service life is over. It's not going to be sustainable in 15 years when we are trying to figure out how to deal with all those batteries.

samh said...

This conversation is hard to have in a comment format. It would be much better served face-to-face over beers. But I digress.

I have heard statistics saying that Subaru produces some of the greenest cars on the market. Note that Subaru does not currently have an electric nor hybrid car available to consumers. So how is it that this car company can receive this claim? It is because they are building cars using sustainable practices. The energy consumption that goes into the production and transport of a vehicle initially can actually outweigh the benefits of the cars lifetime emissions.

Okay, new point being made I'd like to reiterate the point singletrack credited me with. This point comes back to the point I just made above as well and that is we are spending far too much time and energy on researching how to quell the symptoms of this problem rather than trying to find a cure. The cure to our energy dilemnas doesn't lie in the energy itself but rather on how it is used. A fundamental shift in how Americans (in particular) see energy needs to take place.

We are at a paradigm shift and are beyond a point of no return which means that the symptoms of this problem require research. However just because we missed the boat on this one doesn't mean we should not take the time now to educate, educate, educate. Begin to teach our children about conservation and require it in all forms from the household to the workplace to the mall to the city park to the Whitehouse. Education and legislation.

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