CDT MTN Bike Race 6-14-12

Wed 6/13/12
Sam H, Kirk Ahlberg and myself set out earlier this afternoon from Bozeman to the Butte area to see if we couldn't catch up with some CDT Mountain Bike Racers. Using the smart phones of my bike geek friends along with the spot tracking system ( ) we were able to catch a few riders just west of route 15 south of Butte.

We caught up with a dude named Kevin who started a time trial along the route 2 days before the race began. I wish I could remember his last name, but without the tracking list of riders it is lost on me.We were talking about the riding and the bear bell his daughter gave him for his ride. I hope that his family will find this post and enjoy seeing him in the field getting it done.

Behind Kevin was the fabled Babe the Blue Tandem ridden by last years winner Kurt Refsnider and Caroline Soong who also raced last year. 

I had wondered about Babe and if he was steel or a ti frame. Kurt told me that they always prototype in steel.

 Here is a close up of the Rohlhoff they're running.
 And the grip sifter that Kurt said is giving him some pain while riding.
Ryan Correy riding in close on the tail of the tandem.
Ryan making a move.
The tandem wasn't gonna let him get too far ahead.
Kirk, Sam and myself rode North of the trail to try and catch more riders.  

Dylan Taylor rolling into the top of the pass.
Dylan said he was feeling good and that his new pink bar tape on his bar ends helped.

Katherine Wallace rolling in.

A close up of her fork. I think she said it was a whiskey.

Representing the Kiwis.

Apparently, for you bike geeks out there, Ollie Whalley is running a Rohlhoff with a belt drive.

We were stoked to talk to some of the riders in this years race. They are keeping us stoked and inspired as we follow their beacons from the comfort of our office chairs. 

Ride the Divide!


Anonymous said...

Out of town visitation to cheer on divide racers is strongly discouraged. These riders are supposed to go it alone. if you live in a route town, fine, no problem. if you live in bozeman, you have no business dropping in on riders.

Anonymous said...

If the Tour Divide wants to hold a race that takes place in a National Forest that's fine with me. If they want to tell me I can't go watch these racers, that's not fine with me.

jondub said...

Yeah Bozeman sucks. I should move to Boulder, Breck or Gunnison to ethically enjoy the race.

I'm pretty sure we were the first non-racers they had seen so far. I hope that doesn't ruin the remoteness of the race.

I think Floral Boulevard in Butte actually has a wilderness designation, so they might have to change the race route.

Kirk Ahlberg said...

Anonymous #1 is right! Kurt & Caroline on the tandem are cheating if they so much as emote to one another. What part of "unsupported" don't they understand?

samh said...

Spectators should NOT be allowed near bike races.

Anonymous said...

I don't think any of you second-rate urban cock suckers understand. Bicycle racing is about eliminating all fun from the sport. Riders are tested for illegal levels of encouragement at the finish - I hope you're happy now that you undoubtedly ruined this entire race. RIP Tour Divide (2005-6/14/2012). You'll have to excuse me, I need to get back on my strict hating schedule today, I have some serious beef to unload on this news story (

samh said...

We fed all the racers we met outrageous quantities of clenbuterol and they all loved it - shouting at the top of their lungs, 'GIVE ME MORE DOPE YOU SECOND RATE URBAN COCKSUCKERS!!!'

Anonymous said...

Who am I kidding, I'm not even a forth-rate rural cocksucker. It's tough being me.

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