Morganzo: Double Nickels on the Grime Update

The 55-mile course for Morganzo: Double Nickels on the Grime is looking great. I rode parts of it last night while trying to figure out which machine would suit me best for the actual event on July 14th.

Wanting desperately to use the fully rigid ride pictured below, I installed 42mm tires, dropped the psi, and tested it out last night. Alas, some of the rutted, dried mud sections were still a bit too rough for my comfort level. The rocky, molded sections of road even rattled my water bottle out of its cage at one point.

Fortunately, at least 45 miles are more like the lovely gravel you see above. Even so, I believe suspension (probably a hard tail) is the best choice for the terrain.

And why do they call it Morganzo? See here...

Yup. A bunch of them Morgan kids still have property up there north of town. Hopefully they won't mind us sharing this lovely land with them.

See ya out there in a couple weeks.


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So stoked

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