July 14: Double Nickels on the Grime

Join us for the inaugural riding of 

The Morganzo: Double Nickels on the Grime

Saturday, July 14 @ 9am TIME CHANGE

Meet at the corner of Dry Creek Road & Theisen Road north of Belgrade in time to get set up for a 10am start.

It's a 55-mile bicycle race on gravel roads in the shadow of the Bridger mountains. The course is scenic, hilly and curvy, gaining over 3000' of vertical along the way -- that's the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest from sea level more than 1/10th of the way to the top.

Gravel is more fun than pavement and offers more consistent kickass views than singletrack. Plus, there's a movement afoot. Check out Almanzo or Gravel Grinder to learn more about the awesome races that have been going on in the Midwest for several years now.

In keeping with the spirit of gravel racing, The Morganzo is an unsupported race and you are wholly responsible for your own safety and well-being. Winner gets first choice of beer from the cooler. There is neither an entry fee nor prize money.


  • You are on your own. Bring everything you need to fix anything that might break or go flat.
  • No littering. Let's show respect for all the beautiful private land we'll be riding through.
  • Helmet required.
  • Winner will be showered with praise and probably cheap beer.
  • Last one home is a rotten egg.
  • Here are more well-written rules to consider that they use in the Trans Iowa.


  • Be sure to carry plenty of water. 2 bottles probably won't be enough.
  • Ride what ya got, but road tires are not recommended. There is no perfect bike, only perfect doping techniques that can't be detected by the feds...yet.
  • Have a way to easily view the cue sheet (which will be provided). They make fancy stuff for it if you're into gear. Or just hang near the course marshall who created the route.
  • Carpool with a buddy

It's local history. It's punk rock. See here for more.

RSVP in the comments if you're in or have questions.


samh said...

I'm in.

SingletrackM1nd said...

I've ridden a fair bit, if not every inch of this route, and it's extremely pleasant.

Dylan said...

Awesome! Wish I was still in town to ride it today. Enjoy!

samh said...

You would've enjoyed it, Dylan. It would have been nice to have you here so you could have given Matthew a run for his money!

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