December 3rd Alleycat results

Yesterday's Alleycat went off without a hitch. John with the old carbon Epic did a great job organizing it. This time, we had a humanitarian twist thrown in, as racers had to stop at various grocery stores, pick up specific cans of goods, a turkey (or 2) and deliver them to the Gallatin Valley Food Bank.
The Manifest:
  • Start: Cooper Park
  • Safeway: can of Safeway brand corn or beans
  • Heeb's: Western Family potatoes or beets
  • Bogert Park: go down the slide
  • Southside Park: ride across the skating rink
  • Joe's Parkway: can of Campbell's soup
  • 4something S 14th: ride (walk) the north shore course
  • Albertson's: can of Albertson's fruit
  • Town & Country: 15 lb frozen turkey
  • Gallatin Valley Food Bank: drop off food
  • Cooper Park
Thankfully, the roads were pretty good, allowing those of us on fixed gears and skinny tires to SMITE those with mountain bikes. I was lucky in that from Safeway to Heeb's I hit EVERY green light and managed to pass some cars with aplomb, only to be held up by my inabilty to find the canned veggies at Heeb's (heeheh). Further hangups occured at Joe's Parkway when I got stuck behind 2 preppie chicks who were dismayed because they couldn't buy a candy bar with Mommie's AMEX. At Town & Country I figured I'd better carry 2 turkeys, since the fellow competitors would as well (an extra turkey took a minute off your time). This strategy appeared to be working satisfactorily, with the provided duct tape shoulder strap holding the second turkey semi-securely on top of my bag. The intersection at Durston/Peach and 7th enlightened me to my error, when the second turkey skittered across the intersection the way a bowling ball would if one had released it at 20 MPH. Strange looks from motorists ensued as I retrieved the rogue turkey and proceeded to carry it not unlike one carries a football, just a bit heavier and colder. The rest of the race was fairly uneventful, although Sethela did not know where on Bond St. the food bank was on. Minutes passed as the fruitless search brought him to the espresso hut across the street, until Captain E arrived.

Top three finishers:
Captain Entropy
Here's some pictures:

Big thanks to John for putting on the race, to Evan and.....the other people who helped (sorry, forgot your names). We'll see what the next race brings, I'm thinking maybe drag races down town follwed by a pub crawl. I'll keep this updated.


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