Mid-December, still little snow. While the hardcore (or hardcore wannabe) skiers gave their skis an early-season stone grind yesterday, I went for a fixie ride. Noon: Sunny, mid 40's, no wind. Perfect riding conditions. I started up Bridger Canyon Rd, intending to ride up to Bridger Bowl, if I could make it. For some reason, my inner masochist caused my bike to veer right onto Kelly Canyon Rd-straight up the snow-covered 14% grade. This on my 42x14 gearing. I nearly made the whole climb, only walking up the steepest part. That 15t cog is going on my bike before the next ride. Made it over the hill, waited for the timid driver in the Range Rover to pass, then unleashed the fury for the ride down.
Later that night was the informal Shop Holiday Gathering at Ale Works, with just about everyone showing up, including Basil Hayden, Elmer T. Lee, and Elijah Craig. As the glasses of fine bourbon were emptied in rapid succession, the conversation continued its steady decline to ice cube and fork hucking, finally settling to a 'discussion' between Captain E and myself on the merits, real or imagined, of imitation cabbage: "Kabbage".

I apologize to the help at Ale works for dealing with our shenanigans. Please let us back.

In other news, it seems as if this Saturday's event might not include a race at all. I have gotten too many negative comments about racing at night, in winter, in the cold that there will only be a pub crawl. I am going to try to get some bars on board for drink specials...but no promises yet. So, Pub Crawl, no racing (we'll see after some beers are downed), and ALL are welcome, as long as you're on a bike. I'd still like to have a toy drive...I just have to find out where I could take them. See you Saturday!


Sethela said...

Am I the only one that read the phrase "fork hucking" a little differently?

Mr DNA said...

Did you switch the f and h?

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