More Pub Ride updates! .......updated again!

In the immortal words of Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith: "I love it when a plan comes together."

I just returned from talking to various bars downtown, and here's what's going on: Start at the Bozone (we already knew this), 20% discount on all drinks and food at the Robin, 20% discount at Plonk, and Vodka specials at the Pour House. There's always the Legion for cheap drinks- I was going to run in there to ask for specials until I saw the saign for their Saturday night specials. I think $1 beers are cheap enough. I still haven't heard from the 317, so don't count on anything there. Make sure that you thank the participating bars for this...the managers at Plonk and The Robin were quite excited to have something like the pub ride happen. Let's keep this going.

Also, try to bring cash. At the Robin everything goes on one tab, so some real money will make that easier. Thanks.

As always, details will be forthcoming as they happen.


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