Sunday. Sunny. No snow for the last week or so. Warm. Remaining snow is hard and icy. Bridger's website says "Hard Pack".
Does that make me want to ski? Does that make anyone want to ski?
Nope. Shouldn't, at least. So I went to Pipestone for a little early-season mountain biking. I borrowed the Fun-duro from the shop (6" Front and Rear) and went for about a 12 mile ride in the 40 degree sunny day. There was a maximum of about 2 inches of snow, and what was on the trail was nicely packed, enough that I got traction even when climbing. Enough to make it a hell of a fun time on the downhills...2 wheel drifts are easier on a bit of snow.
No Pictures. Tough.
Tomorrow I'm planning on heading out with Brian, so maybe I'll take some.


dallas said...

lets go again, i love it out there. single speed

dallas said...

why aren't you running a single speed you sally.

Mr DNA said...

SundaySundaySunday!!! 11AM! Meetin' place TBD! Fifteen dollars a seat, but all you'll need is the EDGE!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll get in touch with yaa Dallas...I think we've got about 8 people who are interested in riding Sunday.

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