New Year, Good Bagels.

Last night I visited Sethela and his lovely wife who is NOT a gimp. Whilst there, they presented to me a half-dozen genuine, enormous, delicious, fragrant, real New York bagels! Two matched sets of three: pumpernickel and egg. That helped my New Year's hangover. Wait...I wasn't Hung Over, I was merely exhausted from a long night drinking. As an aside, thanks to the anonymous person who left a ten-spot under the Elijah Craig.
Here's some pictures (although no pictures were taken during my
New Year's fete...thankfully):

Feel free to forward these pictures to Bagelworks. They're still on my shit list for discontinuing rye bagels.
In bike-related news, well, there isn't much. New Guy Pete and I are thinking about an ice race in Hyalite this winter. As always, updates will be found here.


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