Why Ski?

Yes, there's snow. Enough even to go XC skiing. There's even snow at Bridger Bowl, and by my East Coast standards, the conditions are really good. But Sethela and I went for a ride today, in the snow.


Probably, in the sense that we (and others) don't partake in the ski mania that permeates the air here 8 months out of the year. I prefer to think of it as 'I'm above being so narrow-minded as to only think of one activity.'( I know what you're thinking-lighten up). Sure, I ski...I used to ride a nice snowboard too, until Big Sky broke it. I've even gone this week and had fun. But....if you can ride a bike on it, is it really that good for skiing? If you say yes, try a good snow ride, and come out of the closet. It is that good.


dallas said...

when is the next pub ride?

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