Goldsprints! Roller racing right here in Bozeman!

OK, here it is folks, there are some minor details to work out, but the gist of it goes like this.

The code monkeys seem to have the software/hardware interface...ahem bitwacking. I think the problem had something to do with the Flux Box. Frankly, all this business about 'open source' is great and all, but it took not one, but two of the most savvy computer geeks I know to get all this to work...not exactly plug and play, more like plug, eff with it a bunch, swear a lot, drink some PBR, discuss, rewrite the code, play.

Geekery, Bikes, and PBR...somehow it just works.

I think bit whacking the flux box became less of an issue when they double teamed it.

Anyway the long and the short of it is we have the computer side of it 99% up and running.

As for the bike interface...

Steve's got the fork mounts welded up, to which we have affixed some bike tights.

and fabricated-ish with some rollers to mount the bikes to. It ain't pretty, but it does work.

So for now, the tentative plan (as opposed to the firm plans we've had thus far) is to meet Tuesday night (MaƱana) at 317 at nine PM for some real world testing of our handy work. There very well may be some bugs to work out, but the question remains...Do you has?!?!

Any questions? Leave comments, or get ahold of DNA.



Wiley said...

Seems there were some troubles. New plan is, This weekend we have OpenSprints shindig at john's and test/refine the procedure. Whack some bits. Then pack up and head to 317 for officialness Monday night.

Mr DNA said...

How's about Friday night, 7pm. We'll grill some burgers drink some beers and do some racing and figure out the structure of race night.

Adam said...

Friday works for me. If I can borrow the comp and/or the elctronics, I should be able to get a good deal of work done on the code Friday morning and afternoon... Unless you all got it running already.

Wiley said...

running already...ha!

It's still broke. Oh Noes!

Feel free to pilfer the laptop.

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