Almost There....

This thing, this Goldsprints, (or Rockysprints, as it may be here) is eating up Nerd-Hours faster than a hipster fixie rider goes through rear tires after watching MASH SF for the eighth time.
The usual crew came by my place tonight; Wiley, Adam , and now Paul to stay in the basement to play with code; Sethanol to talk music and help drink beer (and pedal the bike when needed); and Captain Entropy himself to eat, drink, and make things fall apart.
This time, 'the usual crew' does not imply 'the usual results'. Oh no, we've got ourselves a veritable roller-racing extrapolanza one tiny step shy of being ready to drag on downtown. We rebuilt the second sensor board. We made lengthy twisted wire leads (with a!). We even got the computer to work properly, mostly. All we need to do now is to find out why the computer is getting noisy results from one board, then we're on to mounting the stuff on the rollers. Done.



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