Do you has?

Some racer girls throwing down.

The bartender race

It's all up on's!!

If you're more into still pictures you can find some here.


Mr DNA said...

I think the blond guy in the first race did 500m instead of 200.

reuben said...


I noticed something that might affect rockysprints for Monday, March 17th. It's the fact that said date is Saint Pattys day, aka 3:17, aka the holiday for which the irish pub that hosts rockysprints was named.

Just thought I'd point this out if you guys didn't know this already.

Mr DNA said...

Yeah, I noticed that too. I'll stop in there this week and see if it can still happen, but I'm guessing that there's going to be too many people to set up. I'll post when I know for sure.

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