It's On!!

Sunday night, after hours of working around ever-increasing piles of empty PBR cans we finally have Rockysprints up and running. Adam, Seth M, and Wiley came by last night and helped get the last few details hammered out before running some full-speed tests. To be sure, there are some details to work out, and some issues we will have to work around but as things are right now it frikkin' works! And don't worry, both bikes will be identical fixed-gears.

I'll see you tonight at 317. 9pm.
Tonight's races will be limited to one-on-one sprints, without much record-keeping. We'll keep track enough so that someone's got bragging rights, but I've got no prizes yet. Winners get to bask in the satisfaction of being the first Rockysprints champions.
There's no cover. Sweet, huh?


DINGER said...

cover charge, you all should pay me to whoop some ass!!! bring it on suckas!!!

Singletrack Mind said...

You guys are all sissies who just can't handle riding outside....ok...I"m just bitter that I couldn't be there.

Don't eff up my bike!

DINGER said...

i retract my first comment as i have been humbled by my sore legs and lack of beer tolerance, sorry i bailed john but i have to get some stuff done. will be gone next week but will be back with a vengeance the following week.

john said...

I almost threw up, good times!

Seth said...

Felt like I was riding a century on my mile and a half-ish commute to work this morning. Thanks jackass.

Chris said...

I felt so ill, which is why I left; but to one up you John, I did throw up.

Thanks for organizing the show.

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