Yes, it's happening. What is it?
Well, it's a little of this:

With some of this:
And mix in a little (or a lot):
..and that's about it. Curious? Come on by the 317 on Monday the 10th. 9pm.


Singletrack Mind said...


Anonymous said...

i will not participate, i live in bozeman and i am sick of your click excluding the younger generation by dwelling on alchohol use. why? seriously this is not right. if you truly loved cycling you would try to involve everyone. i feel like your doing all this to have fun yes, but also to be more popular to your peers. you don't need alchohol to have a good time. i know you won't post this because you don't agree, i don't care someone needs to say it. please change your prespective.

Mr DNA said...

Dear A.
Our "clique" is open and inclusive to everyone, whether they choose to drink or not, if they are under or over 21 (as evidenced by the participants of all of the alleycats here), if they have a fancy bike or not, Eat meat or not, are male or female, ride a cruiser or a fixed gear, and are white or yellow or black or pink or red or mauve.
Which, really makes it not much of a "clique": "A small exclusive group...a group of people who are friendly with each other but exclude others..."(
It is true that many of us drink alcohol as part of a cycling-geek event (although we won't during an official event). That is our choice, and since our events are more about fun and are partly a response to the cumbersome seriousness (and clique-ishness) of the traditional cycling scene there will most likely be drinking. Go to New York, Boston, Philly, Chicago, Seattle, or any other city where there is a strong and vibrant cycling community and you will find the same thing. However, in those cities as part of that vibrant community you will also find a significant number who abstain...and they are still accepted, as they are here.
We have RockySprints at a bar partly because taverns have historically been social locations for people to meet and unwind after a day's work. We thought that is would be fun to throw a healthy amount of bike-nerd-fun into that mix. We're also there because it's a convenient location to ride to that will stay open late. Plus, having this in the midst of the non-cycling public might just entice people to become cyclists themselves.
As for the future of RockySprints, they will continue to be held at the 317, but if you don't want to check it out there (I will ask if they'll allow minors as long as they don't drink) there's plans in the works to have it at the Gallatin Valley Bike Club's Bike Swap in April. I hope you'll be able to make it there.


anthony said...


Anonymous said...

Different Anon poster here...

mr dna speaks the truth...It's simply a bummer that Anon #1 is all freaked out by the beer.

As someone who's spent plenty of time involved in all sorts of cycling over the years...this is one of the most welcoming groups anybody could ask for.

Although the venerable L. Armstrong may disagree, it IS about the bike. What it definitely ISN'T about is what kind of bike it is, or how light a bike it is - or how "popular" the rider is. It just matters that one likes to get on whatever one rides and, well, ride and have fun doing it.

Anon #1 should go try to wedge themselves into a traditional club or racing team to see just how un-fun, un-welcoming and clique-ish they can to be. Two words: shaved legs (in the interest of disclosure, I still take part in this ritual, but my therapist and I are making progress).

Beer can be a refreshing post-(or mid)-ride beverage, but imbibing in the suds is hardly a pre-requisite for attendance at any of these (non)events.

That said, I hope that Anon #1 has the opportunity to take part in one of the many fun cycling-related activities offered by the good folks represented here at some point in the future.

If not, razors are cheap and lycra is plentiful.

Anonymous said...

are you kidding me? you are bagging on someone who has donated his/their free time to bring something to this town. i don't think it will be a requirement to chug a pitcher of beer before you get on the bike. do you understand how difficult it is to find a venue who will put something like this up and not want to charge a cover, etc. with such a positive attitude i am happy that you won't be showing up to the event. try to be a little more positive with your next posts and commend these guys for taking on such an endevour

Singletrack Mind said...


I respect your opinon, and it is therefore purely out of curiosity that I query, how is it that we 'dwell' on alcohol use? There really haven't been any other events that require one to be in a bar. Alleycats start in a park and bike polo goes down in any parking lot that happens to be convenient. Indeed, Goldsprints is happening in a bar for the time being purely as a matter of convenience. The presence of alcohol non-withstanding, there were a number of factors that combined to make 317 a logical place to hold this event. Most notably the fact that the proprietor was eager to grant the use of space. Juxtapose that with the luck that bike polo had finding a venue. As far as your accusation of exclusiveness, I'd dare say the point of everything the proprietor of this blog has done is to bring a greater sense of community to the bike scene in Bozeman, quite the opposite of your implication. I witnessed the conception of this idea from the very beginning and I assure you that excluding anyone was never the point.

All that being said...drinking and socializing have gone together far longer than any of these recent events. People in nearly every society since Mesopotamia have fermented sugar into ethanol, and then engaged in all manner of merriment. It's not exactly like Mr DNA woke up one morning, screamed 'eureka', and planned a social cycling event were people could also drink, all the while with the malicious intent of excluding twenty-year-olds. There are lots of events that occur in bars, and therefore people under twenty-one can't generally engage in. That's just reality. RockySprints, much like live music, isn't tied down, there will likely be opportunities for you to participate outside of a bar scene. But for the time being, 317 is the most viable venue.


Anonymous said...

i respect both of you and your opinions. perhaps dwelling was not a wise choice. you dwell on cycling, which is good, achohol is just upleasnt to be around for some people. my whole point is that i think more people could be reached to and included. your a leader in the bozeman cyling community, with power comes reasponsiblity. its my opinion that drinking is ireasponsible and excludes some by making them feel uncomfortable. in reasponse to c-note, just because its reality doesn't mean it can't be changed. i agree that the bar might attract people to cycling. maybe you could take the set up to a school and attract younger people.

god bless

Stevo said...

... But we can't drink beer if we hold it at a school. Just Kidding.

I respect your opinions, It is honestly very tough to find a venue for an event like this. RockySprints is by no means exclusive to 317, It is only it's current Monday night stage.

I will be hosting the premier for the upcoming mountain bike film "SEASONS" late in April at the Emerson. I am hoping we will have RockySprints on stage before the film and possibly after for the finals - if we hold it tournament style. This is going to be a dry event, so If you are uncomfortable around alcohol, this may be your chance to show everyone that beer is not a performance enhancing drug, although I think we can all agree on that one right out of the gate. Also there will be the bike swap & I'm sure other venues to follow. There is no possible way to make everyone happy all of the time, hopefully we can make it happen once in a while. cheers.

reuben said...

How did Rockysprints night 2 go? Did you guys get a bit of a tournament going? I wasn't able to make it this time because of work this morning.

As a side note to anonymous. Not every event can cater to every individual. Do I fault these guys for holding the event at 9 on a Monday because I couldn't make it? No! In fact I really respect what they do for our stuffy little town and for how welcoming their "clique" is, as evidenced by my out of shape bike noobness participation. Hopefully I can make it next week.

Cheers! (Raises a beer, or a Cup of Ice Tea)


Anonymous said...

anon 1 says....

im glad i could shake things up for everyone a bit. :) in reasponse to the other anon. your right, i should thank these people for doing all that they do for cycling. dna and others really have good do have good hearts to spend their time on these things and grow cycling. i don't think less of you for drinking. i just disagree and want people to see a different point of view.

cheers, (raises a soda)

Singletrack Mind said...

Gee that's magnanimous of you, I'm sure glad you don't think any less of me. I was getting worried that you were going to exclude me from your 'click'

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