RockySprints - Girls kick ass edition

So, we had RockySprints this Monday and we had, yet again, a solid turnout.

Now, it was nice to see the regular crowd bring it strong. I do have to say, however, this girl frikken threw down HARD, and she was just someone that happened to be in the bar. She raced four times and beat a few dudes (including her boyfriend). I don't think any guys raced that much.

So what's up Bozeman? We're throwing the gauntlet to speak.

Mondays...317...DO YOU HAS?


adam k said...

ill try not to be sick next week

ColBatGuano said...

Not only did she kick butt, she was wearing pumps!

Mr DNA said...

Yeah, you'd better not be :)

Anferny said...

you can be sick AFTER you ride.

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