This coming Monday, Memorial Day, May 26th, is going to be the last night of Rockysprints until next winter. I've been working on getting some prizes and like always, I'm making no promises.
However, Expect a couple of these:There's more to be done, but suffice to say that I am only making TWO (2) of these, and if you want one, you need to:
  1. Show up Monday
  2. Win.
Simple. Ok, I'll see you there.
9pm (expect to stay 'til midnight at least)



Anonymous said...

I saw you boys in the newspaper and thought you were doing such a wonderful thing for your community here in Bozeman. But then I overheard that at these sprint races you put on, that girls are encouraged to ride ride topless and that young men are made to ride in skirts (something I have confirmed by coming to this website.)

I recognize that you are all young and full of good intentions, but as a Christian, and as someone who thinks we should all respect our bodies and the laws of decency, I think you should realize that the body is a lewd representation of our pact with Satan. You are only harming yourselves by riding in these sprint race rides with your breasts bouncing every which way and with your dingus' flying free in those skirts you make the boys wear.

I also think that mixing young men with skirts (or dresses or panties or what have you) will likely result in homosexuality infecting our town. Is that what you all want?

I sincerely hop that you take this opportunity to conduct the final event, as your website is calling it, with the dignity and modesty the people of this town deserve.

Try to have a race where no boy is allowed or forced to wear ladies' clothes. Have no dingus flying free. And have no young lady there on a bicycle with her love pillows swinging two and fro.


A Concerned Citizen

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