RockySprints off, Bike Polo ON!

Last night at 317 we had our final night of RockySprints. Amidst teary goodbyes we all did a big group hug and reminded each other that, yes, in a mere few days, we will be getting back together for some

Bike Polo!

So let's get together at the basketball court behind the school across from the old library. Is it the Hawthorn school? I sure don't know. But it's on Rouse, and I'm pretty sure that it's the only elementary school on that road, so if you're the slightest bit unsure then just keep riding up and down Rouse until you find it. Meet there at 6pm. If you're goin to be drinking then keep it really discreet, going so far as to bring your empties with you- our buds down in Boise had an issue with beer cans being left in the trash at a school.
EDIT: Saturday. This Saturday. Ok?

So the final night of RockySprints- Went well, with a slightly reduced crowd. I did a great job of planning the final night on a holiday, so we didn't get too many folks in to race, despite the article in the Chronicle. Squeaks (Ian) won the Men's division (again) narrowly beating out Guido. Sprout (Sprout) bested her formidable opponent, Tits McGee (yes). Winners got, for all their dedication and pain, a pint glass, sloppily etched by me.

Now the serious part:
I'd like to thank all those that made sprints possible. Wiley at the Practical Pedal for lending a projector and cantankerous laptop AND providing prizes a few nights; Specialized Bikes for donating one of the bikes; Adam and Paul for volunteering to be Code Monkeys in my basement; C-Note for buying wood, metal, and magnets for the bike mounts, for schlepping the stuff over to 317, for being loud, and for running the show at the bike swap when I had to work; to Steve for providing one of the sets of rollers ( want those back?) and for having the sprints on stage at the Emerson during the Seasons movie; to 317 for letting us play stupid bike games in the bar on Mondays; to Girls Outdoors and Bangtail Bikes for prize donations. I'm sure that I've forgotten someone, and I apologize. Honest.

Seriously, this would not have happened without all of your help. I'd have given up the third time the program made my computer crash.

And very sincere thanks to everyone who showed up to race, and everyone who wanted to give it a shot 'cuz damn they're racin bikes in da bar!! We're all working to make Bozeman a bike town, and all it takes is everyone sharing a bit of their passion.

ok, I'm done with the sentimental shit. Better watch your back Saturday at Bike Polo.



Capt. E said...

So, just any old 6pm. Or was there a specific day that 6pm would indicate and I am just out of the loop. Perhaps thats like code for june,6th @ 6pm. Just sayin, cause far as I know theres about 7 6pm's a week and while I do enjoy polo, thats heavy.

Singletrack Mind said...

I'm pretty sure he meant Saturday as in may 31st, I'm not sure how the code works out, but he's been under a lot of stress lately...what with the new car and all...

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