Some quick (and fuzzy) math

This got me to thinking.

I commute around 10 miles a day, which is about 300 miles a month. It's actually a little more than that, what with random grocery trips n such, but I digress.

My 4runner gets about 15 miles to the gallon, so that's about 20 gallons of gas per month. If gas is 4 dollars per gallon, that's around 80 dollars per month, just in gas, not counting oil changes, tires, etc, which all add to the price of driving, here's a more realistic calculus for the cost of driving a car.

My xtracycle cost me around 400 dollars back in November. If it hasn't paid for itself by now, it will have by the end of the summer.


Wiley said...

I'm not ready to do the math on the Big Dummy yet. Maybe I'll have to get a job that's farther away to improve my rate of return.

Singletrack Mind said...

Oh...I'd say that return has already been realized...only not in a tangible sense, but I WANNA RAWK!!! I! WANT! TO! RAWK!

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