GoldSprints? Roller Racing in Montana?

So...when DNA first told me about GoldSprints (by way of a text video he sent from interbike) I thought two things. One, that would be f%&king awesome, and Two, that would be f$%king awesome! When DNA first told me that he wanted to get GoldSprints going here in Bozeman, I though one thing, 'ahh...ok, how the eff do we do that'? Well, eight months later and it looks like I was the wet blanket, cuz we's got's GoldSprints, only here we call it RockySprints.

The next installment will occur Monday 5/26 at 317.

We've got one more night coming up. Are you ready to throw down? Here's an idea of what to expect.

And then, of course, there is always the obligatory Beer Race...

Yeah, that's right, we have people chugging beer and racing on bikes. It's awesome here! So come down to three one seven in two weeks and check us out.

Here's a link to more pictures.



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