Long Live Long Bikes!

Load carrying bikes are not a new concept for us here at the Fix. C-note has an Xtracycle, I've had an Xtracycle for about 4 years and a BOB trailer for 10. Captain Entropy has his, well, prairie schooner. Friends have a Big Dummy.
But this week Capn' E got a bike that out-utilities all other load carrying bikes: the Madsen. Built as an affordable, simple, utilitarian bike for hauling groceries, kids, firewood...well anything that fits in or on its bin.
Naturally, we thoroughly check its capabilities by utilizing our customary testing process:
  1. drink some beers
  2. go for a ride

As you can probably see from the pics, it passed. Thumbs up. Very success.



Singletrack Mind said...

I was mostly happy to get away from all the bats...

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