Stolen Bike!

Today I got a sad message. Demon Dan's bike got stolen from the Co-op. No, it wasn't the singlespeeded Pugsley, it was a blue univega with a Campy front hub, DA rear hub, Ritchey cranks, Open Pro rims, a green saddle, and a seahorse on the headtube.

He's filed a police report, so if you find it just call the cops.

Keep yer eyes peeled!



Craig said...

Any pictures of it, in case one of us random people see it riding around town?

Stevo Kinevo said...

Unfortunately he said he has no photos. Blue univega road bike single speed, riser bar, green seat, seahorse on the headtube. should be an easy spot.

Singletrack Mind said...

Pictures or whatever notwithstanding, shit's been getting stolen around here at an alarming rate for a city below 30,000 people. Lock your stuff up people, and if something gets jacked, contact the BZN police for crying out loud!!! In the instance that that's too intense, send an email to casey(at)bozemanbikekitchen(DOT)org with a very complete description and we'll post it were plenty of bozemanites will see it.

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