Polo Tonight

Last night Nash, Tom, and I got some more mallets made. Thanks to Sam for getting the ABS for the mallet heads. Hopefully they'll be a bit tougher than the PVC we've been using.

Also, if you're on Facebook check out the Bozeman Bike Polo group. I'll be important things on there too in the future. Maybe more, since it's really easy to use.

Ok, see you tonight!



samh said...

I didn't feel like playin' in the rain and snow. Sorry if I was missed.

tjdzor said...

what rain and/or snow?!

samh said...

It was a bit weak sauce on my part I admit. Oh well. It didn't help that at 7pm I was in the middle of watching a movie with a cold Olympia beer in hand and warm slippers on my feet. God I sound like a puss.

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