Mallet Building Tonight, 6pm.

Mallet Building. Grab an old ski pole or golf club and come on down to the new Bike Kitchen location. Off of Rouse, head east at the Meat Shoppe. Go down that short street, it's in the garage at the end on the left.
I'll have my drill and bits and a hacksaw. Maybe I'll pick up some epoxy. You'll need to provide your own grip tape (hockey tape works well, available at Summit or Army-Navy) and pipe. Try to find 2" O.D. PVC will work but eventually will break- you've been warned. Sam might bring some ABS.

Ok, see you there.


EDIT- Donations for supplies will be gladly accepted.


tjdzor said...

You guys need any other tools or whatnot?

Mr DNA said...

I've got:
-circular saw
-Drill and bits
-Hacksaw (with a good enough blade)
-Sam's ABS (about 5')
-Someone's PVC from the old Kitchen (~2')
-A few extra ski poles I'll donate.

What I don't have (and I'm not going to get):
-Screws for heads
-Hockey Tape for grips
-anything for wheel covers.

tjdzor said...

Old tubes can make decent grips too....

Mr DNA said...

Obviously *someone* likes to hold onto things covered in rubber. Kinky.

samh said...

How'd it go? Post pics or BAN!!! Sorry I couldn't be there, we released our 2008/2009 winter product catalog last night and I was at work until 9. Glad to see you found the ABS and PVC I had down there.

tjdzor said...

I don't think we need pics of bike nerds huffing epoxy fumes on here......

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