Bike to Work Week and Bozeman Bike Kitchen ReCYCLE drive

Bozeman is celebrating Bike to Work Week in typical Bozeman style, with many of our beloved small businesses sponsoring B2WW stops. To kick off B2WW, the Bozeman Bike Kitchen is having a ReCYCLE DRIVE on Saturday May 15th from 10am to 2pm.

The Bozeman Bike Kitchen is a community cycling cooperative dedicated to making practical cycling accessible to members of the Bozeman community by providing shop space and mechanical support to the Bozeman area on a donation/volunteer basis. They also provide donated bicycles to individuals in need as identified by local charitable organizations such as The Gallatin Valley Food Bank and the Bozeman Human Resources Development Council.

If you have an old, unused, but quality bicycle laying around that could be a serviceable means of transportation for a member of the community, you can donate it to the BBK, and they will re-purpose it and allocate it to one in need of a cost effective, sustainable means of getting around.

In addition to the ReCYCLE Drive, the Bozeman Bike Kitchen is also hosting a B2WW stop, along with Bangtail Bike and Ski and International Coffee Traders.

Like bikes? Like riding bikes? Ride your bike to work, and celebrate next week by telling all of your friends to do the same.

Get the Bike Love and Live the Bike Life.


samh said...

I added the BTWW flyer to the end of your post, STM. Hope you don't mind.

Singletrack Mind said...

I was quite glad to see it.

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