Reverend Phil needs YOUR help!

Ok, kids. If this is gonna happen it needs to happen fast.
I got a call and an email this weekend in response to an email I sent to him a year an a half ago. The subject? Bike porn. And no, not bike porn like guys hucking cliffs and fixie guys skidding past trolleys. This is about bikes. And porn. Beautiful bikes and beautiful riders. And naughty bits. Smut.
Reverend Phil from Portland will be coming through Bozeman the weekend at the end of Bike Week (perfect timing) with all the ingredients to put on a shocking, titillating show. All he needs is a venue. I'm not going to be here this weekend and I'm helping out with The Dirt Concern's showing of Follow Me, so I really can't help in the manner that's needed. Can anyone else in Bozeman do it? Do you know someone who knows someone? Try. Hard.


My friend Reverend Phil will be coming through Bozeman on May 24th,
and he's looking for a place to screen Bike Porn 3: Cycle Bound, a
collaborative erotic bicycle film project out of Portland, Oregon.
I'm sure you're the kind of go-getters who have a million things on
the go at once, but if you're feeling sassy and zany and willing to
put together a screening very soon, I'd kiss your feet.

More info!

Bike Porn. It is exactly what it sounds like: Bikes + Porn. Some of
it is erotic, some of it is playful, some of it is straight-up
fucking, and all of it is delightfully dissenting and titillating for
bike lovers of all desires, identities, and bodies. The thought of
having Bike Porn tour through one of Montana's most badass bike-loving
cities without stopping for a screening is kind of heartbreaking and
distressing. May 24th is soon, I know, but its totally possible. Can
you help us? Will you?

Here's a little more info to inspire you!...

Bike Porn 3: Cycle Bound is the newest collaborative film project put
together by Rev. Phil Sano of Portland, Oregon. It is a collection of
short erotic films made by inspired cyclists from across the US and
Canada. It is creative, clever, funny, and aware!

For the past three years they have toiled to bring progressive ideas
about sexuality and transportation forward. These days just about
anyone can make a movie, but actually getting it shown in front of an
audience is much more difficult. We take those strong, independent
voices and give them a platform to share their ideas about the
connections between sex and bicycling.

Here's how one of our interns put it:

Bike Porn is civic

"Current political policies are designed to repress sexual expression
and transportation choice. The Bike Porn film festival challenges that
trend by enthusiastically displaying the quality of creative
expression and the amount of fun inherent to both bicycling and sex.
Both activities are worthy elements of a healthy lifestyle and a
pleasant quality of life." - Jeffrey Jacobson

Starting in February 2010, the Backlash Tour is taking us more than
10,000 miles to visit some 60 cities across the USA and Canada in 100
days. It is quite a challenge, but since we don't sell DVDs this is
the only way to share the movies while keeping the filmmakers'

The thoughtful pacing of the program and live performances draw people
in at the beginning and get the audience on their feet when it is
done. It is quite an exhilarating experience.

What we are talking about is an LBGTQ and hetero-friendly program of
progressive bike sexuality. Yes, it really is that amazing.

Our host Lauren Warbeck of Victoria BC had this to say:

"Speaking from experience (I've played a part in hosting the past two
bike porn screenings here in Victoria), I can say that it introduced
something new and transformative into our bike community, and really
brought people together. Since that first screening, members of our
community have created a number of films that are now included in the
collaboration, and its spurred a huge amount of bike filmmaking in
general as well. Organizing a screening takes some work, but not much.
And its worth the rewards for yourself and your bike community ten
times over."

So if you think you can help us organize a screening in Bozemen let's do it!

Email me with any comments, questions, or inspired rants. i've
attached a little "How-To Organize a Bike Porn Screening" to give you
some idea of what you'll need to do

reverend phil
is on the backlash tour
50 cities, 10,000 miles, 100 days


samh said...

I too will be out of town. Too bad - could've been a good time.

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