June Alleycat Series

Bozeman cyclists, prepare your legs and lungs for a series of short alleycat bicycle races to be held once every week in the month of June, 2010.  Four organizers, four races, for awesomesauce. 

The first race in the series will be held Monday, June 7th, 7:00pm.  Meet atop the downtown parking garage, attain a manifest from the man in the straw cowboy hat, and then immediately proceed to ride your bicycle like hell.  

Information about the following week's alleycat will be posted to The Bozeman Fix blog prior to the event so stay tuned, and tell your friends, enemies, and mothers. 


andrew said...


flag football style-- get someone to wear a velcro-ed on tale of some sort and let the unwashed masses try to find/chase em' all over town. winner takes all including the tale. or this could be a time bonus for a regular one.

passport radio said...

Sam H. I would like to plan one at the end of the month if possible.

Singletrack Mind said...

Who are you possibly going to get to stand on top of a parking garage with a straw cowboy hat on their head? I bet your friends cross dress and dance like idiots too.

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