F60 Results

First, I want to give a big "Hell Yeah!" to all 17 of you came out to play today. I was impressed with the numbers that came out, willing to hurt themselves by riding sixty miles on their fixed gears. I'm also impressed with how EVERYONE finished- it wasn't an easy course (especially the last dirt section- hehe).
Props go to John Y. who finished in a flat three hours (!). He rode home with the only prize- a fistful of cash. Here's the finishing order:
  1. John Y. 3:00
  2. Casey 3:16
  3. Marshall 3:17
  4. Sten 3:18
  5. Tim 3:22
  6. Sam 3:22
  7. Nash 3:22
  8. Andrew 3:36
  9. Me 3:41
  10. Tom 3:42
  11. Seth 3:42
  12. Alex 3:56
  13. Alfred 3:56
  14. William 3:56
  15. Alex 4:07
  16. Matthew 4:12
  17. Brian 4:13
  18. Ryan 4:14
The alleycat start was a blast- It doesn't really matter how long the ride is and how much you feel you need to pace yourself, you start riding in traffic with a bunch of other guys and it's a damn race!
The rain mostly held off- some of us got pelted with hail but that felt really good at the time.
Ryan earned his DFL. Early on the first dirt section some guys stopped suddenly and Ryan ended up hitting the deck. That was the last I saw of him until the finish, when he rolled up with a nice, clean deer skull on his stem. He also got two flats.
Those beers at Sir Scott's Oasis in Manhattan sure were tasty!
The evil headwind that can always pop up out in the middle of the valley mercifully stayed away.
Beatty Road. That climb. I've never felt such pain in my legs as on that hill. Blackwood Road was tough too.
Nobody got hit by a car and everybody finished. You all rock!
Thanks to Sam for taking some pics, Casey for getting the spoke cards printed, and Randy for taking care of recording everyone's finishing times. And for taking pics on the course.

I'll be working on putting together a video for later in the week. Until then, keep riding and I'll see you this weekend at the Saddle Royale!

Sam's got some pics here.
Here's a Google Map of the route.


ps. Got a flyer for some bike fun this Friday: the rangnar open, Friday, Oct 10th. 7pm. Bogert Park. Footdown, trackstand comp, sprints. Yeah!


sEthanol said...

It was worth every ~52,547 peadal strokes.

sEthanol said...

Scratch that, 60 miles of fixed gear riding makes my math a little fuzzy. Make that 16,729 revolutions.

ryan said...

nice one. ass kicker.

Marsha Marsha Marsha said...

looked like fun!!

samh said...

Y'all kicked ass. Seriously.

Singletrack Mind said...

Sooooo...hmmm...thing is...weeelllll...aaaaabout that video der Mr. DNA??? Yeehhhh...I'm gonna have to go ahead and ask you to come in on Suuunday tooo... yeeehhh...

samh said...

Yeah, about that video...

Mr DNA said...

yeah...hmm...I thought I had it right here....mmm

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