Stolen Bianchi Milano

Update: Skye just called me to let me know that her bike has been found, someone spotted it outside Arby's. Cheers Bozeman cycling community.

I friend of mine recently had her bike stolen. Keep an eye out.

Saturday morning I woke up to find that my bike was stolen. I was hoping everyone could keep an eye out for it.

It is a Bianchi Milano women's cruiser/road bike. It is teal with red and black grips, tires and seat. There are rear baskets on either side of the seat. The right grip (leather) is all ripped up from an accident I had last year. It is an eight-speed twist shift with a Shimano Nexus internal hub.

The picture attached is the closest thing I could find on the internet, but keep in mind that my bike would have a lower top tube, as it is a women’s-specific frame, and the rear saddle baskets (though these could have been removed).

If you have any information, or see it around town PLEASE let me know. Here is the serial # for the bike, as there are a couple of them around Bozeman: HSL24011. The serial number is on the underside of the bottom bracket. There is also an MSU bike registration sticker under one of the fenders. It is number 7271.

If someone you know has recently acquired one of these, please tell them to return it to 513 W. Curtiss – no questions asked.

Email any info to


Stevo said...

Un-F***ing Cool. I'm sorry that If I by chance find the bike it my get messed up after I treat the thief like a dog in potty-training and rub his face in what he did so maybe he'll learn. I promise I would fix it fix it though. That pisses me off

skyesaylor said...

thanks for posting this, casey!! i really appreciate it!

samh said...

The perps will suffer.

skyesaylor said...

BTW ... my phone number is 307-360-6165 ... if it happens to 'turn up'. :) thanks.

Singletrack Mind said...

No sweat Skye. Hopefully we can track this ass-hat down. There's a fair number of people in this town who will love to eff up a bike thief.

skyesaylor said...


sorry you guys didn't get to beat anyone up. :)

adam k said...

excellent! is there a story that goes with it?

skyesaylor said...

no too much of was at Arby's, of all places, and had been there since the night it got stolen. if only i ate fast food more i might have gotten it back sooner. Anyway, the people who stole it rode it to Arby's and ditched it in the bushed by the drive-thru, the friendly Arby's workers have had it sitting outside on the bike racks (unlocked! despite the fact that my lock was still in the basket) waiting for someone to come claim it. some guy read the MSU cycling club newsletter post about the bike, and he had lunch at Arby's, and the rest is history.

Anonymous said...

The thiefs were thinkin arby's?

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