Smart Transportation in Montana?

I love living in Bozeman. Great cycling town, easy to get away from people, Easy to get to fantastic skiing...but it is difficult and costly to do any significant traveling.
For now.
Congress sent a bill to the Prez Wednesday (and passed) regarding rail safety. I don't know the details, but I do know that Jon Tester included wording in the bill that would require Amtrak to consider restoring the North Coast Hiawatha Route, following I-94 and I-90 from Glendive to Missoula.
We'll certainly have to bring the alleycat and polo scene to Missoula and Billings if this happens. (Makes your Missoula Alleycat idea a bit more feasible C-Note? Hehe.)

Ideally, the line would continue to the west coast. I didn't find anything about that, so if you're interested in being able to take the train from Bozeman to Portland or Seattle call or write Tester and Amtrak.


John Tester's Site.


Singletrack Mind said...

Not to mention the M to B randonneur!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Butte! We want one here too!

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