Polo Wednesdays

Don't forget- Polo tonight!
The last few weeks have seen some fantastic games. Fast, hard, and sometimes, someone gets dragged behind a bike.
C'mon down to the playground behind the Hawthorne school. It's just about the most fun you can have on two wheels. Well, there is that alleycat coming this weekend...


tjdzor said...

Who would get drug behind a bike? definately not me!

I'll be there with my chitty bike and mallet.


samh said...

3 = Trois
3 + 3 = Sex
3 on 3 = Menage a sex
Polo = Sex
Sex = Good
This = Absurd
Me = Stopping commenting now

Joel said...

Hey, I'm planning to join y'all tonight. Headlamps required?

Mr DNA said...

You'll probably want lights when we're done and leaving, but during play it's not neccessary.
There's light at the school, just enough for us to play.

See you tonight!

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