Snow? Winter? Hah!

Saddle Royale and Velorution party are still on!

TomorrowTODAY at noon- stage one of Saddle Royale: Alleycat.
Meet at Rockford Coffee at noon.

From there, you will attend other events. Not telling what those are, but one does involve a bbq.

6pm, Saturday night is the Velorution Party at the Lindley center. Movies, DJ, Beer, polo, more Because of the weather, we'll NOT have mini bike crits and polo. We will, however, have Rockysprints. If you didn't race in the Saddle Royale then it's a $5 requested donation for the Bike Kitchen. 21+, please.

10am, Sunday Morning. Meet at Rockford for coffee and a leisurely cruise to Lindley Park to watch the Cyclocross race. Various noise-making devices are heartily encouraged. Gin will not be provided.

After the race- more Saddle Royale!

See you there.



tjdzor said...

Sweet....i'll be there!

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