Velo de los Muertos Alleycat and Freak Show

Note to self: When dressed as a middle-aged Jewish woman, maybe wait a little longer before going to where the alleycat ends. Especially if its early evening and the pizza place is filled with families.

Anyway, lawng story short, our Halloween alleycat went well and was a great time. 20ish people showed up (and not all guys this time!) to do battle with the course, made more difficult with the formidable wind. And about that second manifest? Not sorry. I'm not sorry about the climb above the dump either. I though you would've appreciated a nice vantage point with which to see the sunset.

The fastest riders took about two hours to complete the course, with the final stragglers rolling in something like 30-40 minutes later (I had no watch, so sue me). Steve finished first for the guys and Holly beat out the rest of the women. Most everybody put some good thought and time into their costumes. I won't comment any more on them, just see for yourself.

After beer and pizza at Columbo's most of us rode down to 317 for some trackstand competition (winner: Andrew) and more beer. And more befuddled looks and asinine comments. I wouldn't expect the regular Saturday night 317 crowd to get it.

Thanks to everyone who raced- these things only get more fun with more people.
And Very Special thanks to tart and Stan at Native Optics for the prizes. Well, they were intended for the Velorution Party and Saddle Royale punk bike enduro, but the snow kept the intended recipients away.

See you next time...we do something. There's ideas flying around.
OH- and Andrew's putting on a thing at Bogert (I think) Saturday the 1st (I think) at 7(?). You might want to check those details.

Casey's pics.



samh said...

I very roughly measured out the route that Steve, Jon no.2 and myself took for the Alleycat and it was about twenty-two miles in case anyone is curious and too lazy to map their own.

Craig said...

Anthony and I also measured our route, just over 24 miles. Considering we started running at 6:10 and arrived for pizza at 8:20(ish), I'd say we did pretty good. Especially considering he was on a mountain bike and topped out well below everyone else.

Stevo Kinevo said...

That was a good time. I'm glad I had Sam and John to ride with. 22 miles with only the wind for my company would have been less exciting. Can't wait until the next one! Thanks for the good time once again DNA! Maybe the next one I'll try to organize so you can race for once.

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