Another Awesomer Rockysprints Night

Another Monday night, another night of great racing. Despite a few technical issues, limited mainly to magnets/projectiles, we had around 25 to 30 people step on up and race! Last week in a "networking" session at the 317 I finally figured out how to work the music player and make a good playlist.
Select members of Team Delphine showed up and presented a formidable challenge, throwing down times equal to many of the fastest men's times.

Thanks to: Specialized Bikes for providing one of the Langsters; Wiley at Practical Pedal for providing the computer, projector, and lots of code labor; Adam and Paul for more computer geekery, Bangtail Bikes for letting me use the store van to bring everything down (and for listening me yammering about this for the last six months), Steve for the fork mounts and one set of rollers, Casey for lots of grunt work in getting this thing set up and going, and Ryan at the 317 for letting us play our bikey games at the bar.

So enough with the words, here's a little video.

...And a tribute to the women who showed up and kicked ass:


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