Seasons Alleycat!

A quick note, since I'm at work....

Pre-Movie Alleycat Tomorrow, April 24th!!
Cooper Park, 5:30.
This mini-alleycat will be $8 and includes admission to the premiere of the latest Collective movie, Seasons.

It will end at the Emerson, and any other details will spoil the fun, so you'll have to find out about them tomorrow. Hah!



Stevo! said...

Truly an alley cat of "Seasons"! I have decided that we are going to have the grand prize be raffled off to those brave enough to commute by bicycle. We will have volunteers roaming around outside handing out free raffle tickets to bike commuters. So to those that may not race today, please still ride to the event. I think anyone who rides tonight will have some decent odds of winning something nice - whatever that may be. (I honestly don't know what it will be.) Hope to see you there! It's all for a great cause! Cheers!

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