Best RockySprints. Evar.

At about 9:30 last night, Casey and I were wondering what kind of turnout we'd get at Rockysprints, since about three people were there. "This might not happen tonight," I distincly remember saying.
Five minutes later, we got our answer. As if on cue, about ten LED's started converging on the corner of Rouse and Main. Bikes locked up in front of the bar. A beautiful thing.
The races started around ten, with strong interest not only by bike geeks new to this, but also a significant number of random bar patrons (which, really has always been the case). We did have a few technical glitches, mainly some software errors caused by racers jumping the gun and a wire falling off a couple of times (due to my forgetting/ignoring to solder it back on).
The racin' went on until just about midnight, thanks to the 16 guys and six women striving for the prizes graciously donated by Sharon at Girls Outdoors (522-0013) and Wiley at Practical Pedal.
Ian won the Men's races, hanging in there through four sets of sprints to narrowly defeat Seth. Sprout (never got her real name) won the Women's races- and with a broken foot!
Casey took a bunch of pics and some video, so I'll try to get some of those up later today or tomorrow.
Thanks to all who came out last night, 317 for letting us play our silly bikey games there, Sharon at Girls Outdoors, Wiley at Practical Pedal, Casey for schlepping the stuff there and back (and for buying the emergency roll of duct tape), and to everyone else who dedicated time, money, and/or equipment to get this running.


threenine said...

We really need to get up there for some of this action. Sorry, Casey. Them ear buds are still in the same spot as they were after i found them, and I know I suck for having not sent them like I said I would.
So... How about a 4th (long over due) installment of the LD3 recap?




Mr DNA said...

Yep, I gotta get that writ.

"When will then be now?"

Singletrack Mind said...

Don't sweat the earbuds...I know that part of a Ninja's skill is derived from the Art of Unpredictability. I fully anticipate that at some point they will appear as if coalesced from the ether.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like good fun, indeed.

Would you consider getting the games on a bit earlier in the evening now and again - 7ish, maybe? Just a thought for those of us (**nerd alert**) who usually don't find ourselves awake much past 10 most weeknights?

Mr DNA said...

Earlier was considered. And then discarded as RS was intended as more of a fun social thing that involves cycling rather than a cycling thing.

Later works better for the bar, as on Mondays 317 is busier immediately after work than later in the evening. Also, for purely selfish reasons later at night makes it easier for me to get home after work, eat dinner, relax a bit, get the stuff together and set it up without having to rush around.
Next RS season (December, probably) hopefully we will be able to have it on a Thursday or Friday or Saturday when it's easier for more folks to stay out late.

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