Ok, I know. I live in Montana. It gets snowy here. Sometimes for half the year. We frequently get snow in May. And all this snow is exactly what we need to keep fires from ravaging our forests (provided all the snow doesn't melt at once).

But damn, this cycle of "a few nice days/lots of snow one day" is really starting to bring me down. Stay snowy, or stay sunny, that's all I ask.

At least it keeps the neighborhood cats from pissing on my deck. Oh yeah, I'm getting a Super Soaker. Bastards.

Ok, that's it. Infantile rant over.



john said...

Heresy is right. I had forgotten how much fun snowboarding is the last couple years.

That being said I didn't particularly like the feeling of snow pellets melting into my cheeks as I rode to school this morning.

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