Lights, Pavement, Action!

"Man, we ain't found shit." The search continues for a viable location for polo playing.... Remember the qualifications are extremely stringent.
The location must have at least two of the following.



With these limiting criteria we are obviously handicapped from the start so we must keep a eye open and explore all options. I want you to comb the town for locations. We have decided that tennis courts are a no go, the chain-link fences are problematic for both the balls and the handlebars. If a abandoned court were found where we could quasi permanently install boards that would be acceptable. Many of you liked the Bogart pavilion when we played there but we would have to construct boards for half court play and play at predetermined times (like not after dark). Anyway, post a comment if you think you found a good locality and we will check it out.

Polo to the people!



Singletrack Mind said...

If one were to watch Spaceballs again one would notice that the aforementioned quote came from the group with the small comb. Or, perhaps one would come to the conclusion that one watches Spaceballs to much.

Capt. E said...

Ah yes, The pick comb fella was indeed the one who I quoth. However, a picture of said pick was not to be found easily.

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