Whilst riding home from
RockySprints with a couple of the lads the other night, the topic of how nice it was to ride in a group taking up a lane on main street came up. This, in turn, got me to thinking that it might be time for a good old fashioned pubride. And this time I think it imperative that Dirty Pete wear a helmet.

I think this coming Saturday (April 12th) should do nicely. Say, 9:30 at Spectators. Why Specs? Because it's a pub RIDE and should therefore involve some riding (impromptu racing?). So come one, come all. Bring your friends and your bikes and lets usher in spring and all the bicycleness that that entails.

NOTE: I changed the date from the 11th b/c of Das Beeeeeeerfest ja

Oh and don't miss Capt E's post about finding a location for polo, which is something we can discuss over pints on the ride this Friday, I mean Saturday.



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