The spoils and the punisment of RockySprints. Tonight we did not have the most people show up, but we did have the most intense racing to date. BobbyRob (remember, we use racin' names here) was the ultimate champion, and he certainly earned it. There was plenty of pain to go around, especially since we sorta instituted a new rule: if the computer screws up, if there is a tie, if misinformation gets relayed regarding the format of the beer race; there is an immediate re-race. Great Idea, especially when it applies to others. Terrible idea when it applies to me. On the SECOND beer race. When we learned how the program calculates speed, and how not pedaling while drinking a beer dramatically increases the total time one has to race. Like from 17-19 second to a minute and a half.
I guess it's only fair that the promoter of pain and suffering gets his comeuppance.
(disclaimer: I'm pretty lit.)


Singletrack Mind said...

The minute-long race couldn't'a happened to a better man :) unfortunately the footy tonight sucked

Mr DNA said...

You mean the minute-and-a-half race.
Footy? You been hanging out with them foreigners too much, son.

Or just Foreigner. i wouldn't put it past you.

Singletrack Mind said...

I don't know what you mean by Foreigner, by have been known to take a Journey now and then...

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