An embarrassment of riches?

Ok, just so everyone can keep it all straight...actually, just cuz I myself keep forgetting stuff, and I want it all written somewhere so I can check and see what's going on for the next few's a rundown of cycling related events coming up in the BZN

Saturday 9/27 Stupid fun ride. Meet at Specs at 8pm. If you can't be at Specs at that time, keep an eye on DNA's twitter feed or my twitter feed. We'll tweet with where we are. PIRATE THEME PEOPLE!!

Tuesday 9/30 Bozeman Bike Kitchen tuesday work night. Pretty soon, we're going to wrap it up for the season (depending on the weather) so if you want to join in on the fun, this may be one of your last chances.

Wednesday 10/1. Bike Polo at the Hawthorn School on the corner of Rouse and Mendenhall, 7pm. Keep things that need to be discreet, discreet. D effing L.

Thursday 10/2 Fixed only group ride/Fixty60 training ride. Meet by the physics building at MSU at 5:30 (we'll run out of light if we do it any later) on the corner of Grant and 7th. Tom and I did the route tonight and it was fricken sweee-eet.

Friday 10/3 I will be getting drunk somewhere, not sure where yet, but I guarantee that if you see me on Friday after 11 pm I will be not-sober.

Sunday 10/5 Fixty60 fixed only mega-cat. Meet at Rockford Coffee at 10 am. Bring IT!

And last but not least...

Saturday October 11th, there will be an EVENT. As next week unfolds you will see fliers for this event. I will say that it will involve lots of stupid bike fun, and lots of beer, and lots of beer and bike fun together. Keep Saturday, October 11th open!

That's about it, I think...leave comments if there's anything I forgot.

Ride safe out there.



stevo kinevo said...

Leave Oct 12 open also... Not only will you be hung over, but this "Event" may very well be a 2-Day one. Take the weekend off, you have all winter to work.

Mr DNA said...

And don't forget about the Cyclocross race at Lindley park on the 12th, too. If you're not going to race, the show up to heckle!


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