Fixty60 Alleycat, October 5th.

Keep October 5th open. I've been working this morning on the route of a race I've been thinking about for awhile. I'm not divulging too many details yet, but it will be hard, long, rough, and for a few hours you'll have a hard piece of leather or plastic between your legs.

I'm talking about the Fixty60, a sixty-mile fixed gear ONLY alleycat. The structure will be a bit different; the number of stops being less and the distace MUCH greater than a traditional alleycat. It'll be tough, but greatness does not come easily.

Meet at Rockford Coffee on Sunday 10/5. We'll start at about 10, so get there a bit early. It will be a closed manifest, so stops will have to be done in order. Instead of getting signatures or stamps you'll be taking pictures along the way.

Required equipment:
  • A Fixed-gear bike.
  • Digital Camera (a phone is fine)
  • A map might be helpful, since you'll be headed well outside Bozeman city limits.
  • $10
  • Moxie, gumption, grit, guts, spunk, fortitude, and/or valor.
Any other details will be posted here.

See you then.



sEthanol said...

You forgot Chamois butt'r. lot's and lot's of butt'r...

Singletrack Mind said...

Won't see me coastin' er brakin' footed track standin' ya know dat I be ridin' fixie...

Stevo said...

Way to force fixie to rhyme with 60. What you should have done is made it the mixte60, and everyone has to race on girls bikes.

Mr DNA said...

That will get combined with the Drag Race.

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