Polo Mallets

Hardcourt bicycle polo breaks PVC mallet heads with extremem ease.  ABS plastic is the recommended material for the production of mallet heads.  McMaster-Carr is the recommended supplier of said material.  Cost + shipping per 5' length is $0.79 / inch ($47.40 total).

Now for maths.

Current polo mallet stock in John's quiver: 11 mallets
Average mallet head size: 7.5 inches
Individual requests for material thus far: 9" (Alex), 7.5" (Sam), (total 16.5")
Material left after individual requests: 43.5" (enough to fix 5 public mallets)

I am going to order 5' of material next week.  Some will go to Alex, some will go to me and then the rest will go to fix five of the public mallets.  Donations to cover this cost will be appreciated.  Better yet, contact me in advance with how much you'd like to donate before I order to offset the cost of purchasing more than 5 feet so we can replace all the mallet heads with ABS.

samh [at] samh [dot] net


Singletrack Mind said...

Put the C-Note down for 15 inches, that way I'll have a spare.

Stevo Kinevo said...

Shouldn't you buy ABS at any hardware supplier in town?

sEthanol said...

$100 - Don't you think 15" is overselling it a bit?

samh said...

I have no idea if you can get ABS at any hardware store in town. I'll look into it.

reuben said...

check zigs i think they're plumbing specialty

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