FGG, Yeah You Know Me!

Last week I got a nice little surprise in my Fixed Gear Gallery email:


I'm in Bozetown all week. Just helped my GF move here for Grad School. Any action around town I should know about. I'd love to do a piece for the FGG website....


Lostgears (aka Bill) was in town from Traverse City for a week and got a first-hand introduction to the riding around here. After doing the obligatory hikes and meanders about town he swung by the Bike Kitchen to see C-Note and Sam "No Nickname Yet" H in action. Wedesday I took him to South Cottonwood for a quick mountain bike ride. More accurately, I went mountain biking, as I was riding one. Bill took his 80's Trek touring bike with 700x38s and a monster (for off road) 42x18 gear ratio. And he managed to clean all but maybe three short pitches on the way up and all but one on the way down.
I had, since taking my first fixie off road about ten years ago shied away from fixed off-roading. My perspective has always been from a mountain bike purist's perspective and the qualities of a good off-road ride were unattainable when you must pedal incessantly- fast turns, downhill speed, air (not too much for me). But watching Bill clean the same rocky sections I was with the extra challenge of having to be more cognizant of pedal placement gave me a fresh view. I'll likely be building an off-road fix in the next few weeks.

After the ride we enjoyed a cold PBR as some younger guys gave us props for riding our old bikes without gears or suspension. We then chatted about the Bike Co-op in Traverse City he helped start with Dennis, Grand Poobah of Fixed Gear Gallery. I won't bore you with a transcript of the conversation, but some of his insight will be making it to the Bike Kitchen.

Later that evening he made it by for polo. Unfortunately we were unable to cajole him into playing. Next time.

Here's some links to pics he took:

And his blog



samh said...

Bill was one helluva guy. I'm glad he introduced himself to me and I'm glad he so whole-heartedly captured a couple aspects of the Bozeman bike scene.

LostGears said...

Pleasure was mine guys. Really. I loved it and know I only touched the bike scene. I'll be back at the end of the month and spend some more time with ya'll. I think that trip just cost me a couple grand.... or at least the cost of a real mountain bike. Cheers!

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