Hardcourt Bicycle Polo

From the Bike Polo listing on wikipedia.org:
...Hardcourt polo started in Tallahassee roughly four years ago. One of the original Tallahassee crew, a gentleman by the name of Magic Juan...Lopez...
The article then goes on to describe some of the people involved with the roots of Tallahassee Hardcourt Bike Polo.  The paragraph concludes with this statement:
...Juan Lopez wears womens undergarments.
I have absolutely no idea how that pertains but I got a kick out of it regardless.


Some Dude From Richland said...

I find it interesting that the worlds foremost expert of all things, wikipedia, claims that my hometown was home of the first world championships.

samh said...

My interest was mostly piqued by the notion that men wearing womens underwear had some worth in relation to bicycle polo.

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