Fixty60 training ride!

DNA has thrown the gauntlet down in front of BZN and all of Southwest Mt. Yeah, I'm talking to you too @Helena, @Billings, @Butte, and @Missoula, I know you guys have your respective fixie scenes.

I want to bring it during this race, and as such, I've been trying to do some fixed laps after work whenever possible. Tonight, I pieced a new route out of a couple of other ones. It was a great ride, and I found myself thinking how much fun it would be as a group ride. I've talked to a few people who want to do the F60, but don't feel prepared, so let's put some miles on folks.

Meet on the south end of campus (at the corner of Grant and 7th, right by the physics art thingy) at 6:00 pm on Thursday 9/25 and we'll bust out twenty or so. BTW, this is a group ride, not a race, I'm not saying we're gonna go slow, but we also want to have a good time.

Oh, and you can bring any bike you want, as long as Henri Desgrange would approve.


Mr DNA said...

Nice route!
I'll try to get outta work early so's I can ride wit yous.


tjdzor said...

i think i'm gonna get outta work and ride with ya guys.....hopefully i can keep up ;-)

Singletrack Mind said...

This is more about all of us getting together and riding than anything.

Keeping up is for the race

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