Stupid Fun Ride, This Saturday Night.

A couple of weeks ago, some of us were at a party. Like most parties we go to, this one consisted of mostly bike geeks. There was a nearly full moon, and the night was cool and clear, and we had bikes and were a bit buzzed on good beer.
Naturally, someone says, "Let's go for a ride!"
So a few of us hop on our bikes- a fixed gear, a single speed, and a multi-speed townie- all with smooth road tires- and we head out to ride some trails on the south side of town in the moonlight.
And that was one of the most fun rides I've ever done. Slick tires skittering across the trail, struggling to keep Captain E in sight (more difficult with my headlight off) and laughing my ass off.
After that I figured that this is WAY too much fun to not make a regular event.
So this Saturday night, at at 8pm meet at Spectator's by MSU. We'll have a few drinks, then ride, then head on into town and probably go someplace else. Kinda like a pub ride, but a bit more riding.

See you there.

PS: Pirate theme.


tjdzor said...

sounds like a great time....i'll be there!

stevo said...

stupid and fun! kind of like peanut butter and jelly - good on their own but even better when mixed!

Mr DNA said...

Or peanut butter and pastrami!



Singletrack Mind said...

Peanut butter with pastrami??? Ok, now you're just...just...I don't even know...WTF Dude? W.T.F?

BTW ITBT (I'll totally be there)

Mr DNA said...

It's like 2+2=5.
Not kidding.

reuben said...

i probably can't make it now, friends b-day i need to go to, if i can meet up with you guys at some point i'll get ahold of you

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